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Carrier Termination Services

Broadvox offers carrier-class wholesale SIP Termination services over our full-featured and robust global network.

Broadvox terminates local, MTA, interstate and intrastate as well as international traffic. Many international carriers also choose Broadvox for wholesale termination throughout North America.



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8XX Termination

Broadvox 8XX number call termination services provide switching for 8XX calls originated by customers worldwide; conduct the database lookup and determine to which IXC the toll free number belongs; then route the call appropriately for call completion.

A-Z International Voice Termination

Broadvox partners with worldwide carriers in order to provide international A-Z termination services. Several classes of service, from cost-effective to retail-grade, are available to ensure that your voice traffic is prioritized and delivered to its endpoint, anywhere in the world.

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