SIP Trunking
Add-On Features


Business Continuity

A unique configuration per SIP Trunk that ensures call completion in the event that the customer equipment is inaccessible. One Business Continuity setup is supported per SIP Trunk and must be purchased individually.  Multiple failover and forwarding options are available including: Device Failover, SIP Trunk Failover, SIP Trunk Forwarding, DID Forwarding.

Call Bursting

A secondary SIP Trunk that gives the business the ability to temporarily utilize more Concurrent Call Sessions than what was purchased with their primary SIP Trunk. Call Bursting includes the quantity of Concurrent Call Sessions as the primary trunk associated with the feature, and the same base and calling features as other SIP Trunks.

CNAM - SIP Trunk Enable (Inbound)

Enable SIP Trunk to pass through caller name on inbound calls. This service is priced per DID tied to the SIP Trunk.

CNAM - Name Setup (Outbound)

Setup of an additional outbound caller names beyond the one included with the BTN. Each name setup is assessed a one-time fee.

Directory Listing

Registration of a single EDID or VDID (name and/or number) with the National Registry Database.

Enhanced DID (EDID)

10-digit DID that includes E911.

International Toll-Free Number

International Toll-Free Inbound service is available if International Toll Free numbers are acquired from Broadvox. See for a complete list of all available countries.

Market Expansion DID

10-digit DID that provides a local calling presence to other markets or cities that are outside of the local calling area of the business. It includes local outbound calling to its local market when this DID is outpulsed from the PBX. It also includes E911.

Toll-Free Number

A single 1-8XX number for inbound toll-free calling. Minute Bundles available.

Virtual DID (VDID)

10-digital DID that does not include any enhanced features.

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